Laura Robbins

Copywriting • Content Creation • Brand Identity

No matter where your business is at, compelling content is a must. That’s where I come in. I’m a strategic marketer and content creator who can take your business objectives and make them a reality you can actually see. I will take your vision and create compelling content that will resonate with your audience, whether for your blog, website, or social channels.

Oh, hello there.

I’m Laura. You probably guessed my hobbies right off the bat. When I’m not busy writing or scouring Instagram for new marketing ideas, you’re guaranteed to find me curled up on the couch with my nose in a book. And wine, there’s definitely wine.

So hey, it’s nice to meet you! Now down to what you came here for.

I’m a freelancer with extensive experience in brand voice writing to create engaging and digestible content. I have experience with a variety of brands and industries, from digital marketing, to beauty, to retail. I adhere to deadlines and am admired for my organizational skills. (You’ll see.)

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communications, I am a trusted freelancer who communicates effectively with my remote and local clients.


  • Brand and product naming 
  • Brand voice creation and implementation
  • Blog strategy and content creation
  • Website copy
  • Email marketing copy
  • Editorial writing
  • SEO keyword copy
  • Social media copy
  • Copy editing

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact me.

Previous work.


In a world of self care have we forgotten how to care for others?

I’ve spent the entirety of my twenties reading self-help books on how to put yourself first, listening to my peers talk about their bubble baths and solo wine nights, and having Instagram tell me to say no to others and yes to my evening of face masks and 90s sitcom reruns. I’ve been conditioned to believe that making time for others means less time for myself, which is bad because I should be putting myself first in everything I do. And it has me thinking, in a world of self care, have we forgotten how to truly care for others

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How To Become a Thought Leader on LinkedIn – B2B Marketing Posting Guide

A clear LinkedIn strategy for B2B marketing allows you to develop a network around your service or product, giving credibility to your business as you gain traction in your industry. But it’s important to use it to its fullest potential to improve your brand awareness, boost leads and conversions, increase your revenue, and more.

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Why do we feel shame around sweating?

You’ve had a busy day, dropping the kids off at school before that 9 am meeting, wolfing down lunch at your desk, getting home just in time to make dinner before whisking the kids off to bed. You take a seat on your couch and notice a small smell, so you do a quick whiff test and wrinkle your nose when you realize it’s you.

Your partner wants to cuddle on the couch but you say you’re not into it when in reality you’re worried they’re going to be put off by your body odour. 

But why?

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Nice words.

Talented and a professional in every sense, Laura is easy to work with and has added a ton of value to our business. What started as one assignment quickly grew as we saw multiple opportunities to utilize her skills. She’s become an invaluable part of our network and will be for some time.” — Carl and Kim, Acorn Digital Strategy

“Laura is sharp – quick to grasp concepts and ideas, a clear writer, and a natural communicator. On top of that, she is a pleasure to work with and we feel lucky to be able to do so.” — Ada, Co-Founder of Nala

Laura is an incredible writer and brings interesting and thought-provoking ideas to the table. She’s been a joy to work with and I feel so lucky she’s a part of our small team!” — Alex, On Our Moon Founder and Editor

Let’s get working together.